Mobile Bar Hire Ashford

Ashford is a town in Kent, and as such is likely to have locals not only from the town, but from the rest of Kent planning events within its borders. If you are one of those planning an event in Ashford, then consider Mobile Bar Hire’s help in provisioning your event with a bar, bar staff and the beverages required for your guests. We have helped countless others by filling in that spot in their event and ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible by making certain that there is not only enough drink for the event, but a bar to allow it to be neatly and efficiently served by our expert bar staff.

The bar staff we can provide are all specialised and experienced in their own part of the bar staff industry, which allows us to further improve your event by ensuring that any staff you have are specifically fitted to the role you require them to fill, which makes certain that we have no difficulties during the event that might compromise the experience received by you and your guests. The specialised abilities of our staff means that if you’re wanting cocktails, we can provide you with cocktail staff who can make your chosen cocktails with efficiency and skill. Alternatively, you can hire Mobile Bar Hire’s bartenders if you’re looking to have spirits, wines and beers, as well as soft drinks.

Along with the bars and staff, we can provide you with the drinks to supply your event. The huge variety of drinks we can supply you with includes all your pub favourites such as beers and wines, et cetera as well as cocktail mixers and soft drinks. This variety means that whether you’re looking for a cocktail bar, alcoholic bar with wines, beers and spirits or a non-alcoholic bar, we can provide you with the drinks that you need.

The bars we can provide you with come in a few different forms, many of which can be customised and modified to suit your event even more. Bars such as our LED bars – which come in both curved and straight variants – are a popular choice among many due to its incredible aesthetics and practicality, properties which are repeated in many of our bars. The large variety of bars that we have on offer along with the customisability and practicality offered by many of them means that we can have a bar ready for your event whatever the specifications.

If you want to learn a bit more about Mobile Bar Hire’s services in Ashford, please contact us.