Bar Hire London and the Budget

Yesterday the Chancellor announced that alcohol duties will increase by 2 per cent above inflation for two further years from 2013. Tobacco duty will increase from today by 1 per cent above inflation and then increase by 2 per cent in real terms each year until 2014.

How did Alistair Darling do ?  – Well the answer to this question is below, as per every budget alcohol is always a major player in generating more revenue for the government. This year as in many previous years, the tax duty on alcohol was again increased.

Listed below are some of the changes which shall affect ALL publicans and bar owners up and down the country.

  • Increase on price of Beer (4.2% abv) – 2 pence per pint
  • Increase on price of Wine – 10 pence increase per 75cl bottle
  • Increase on Sparkling Wine – 12 pence per 75cl bottle
  • Spirits (37.5% abv) – 36 pence increase on a 70cl bottle
  • Spirit, based ready to drink – 2 pence increase per 275ml bottle
  • Increase on the price of Cider – 5 pence per litre
  • Sparkling Cider increase of – 9 pence per 75cl bottle

 Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we aim to provide our clients with the latest news on whats going on within our industry. As I’m sure you’ll agree the budget is something which shall affect everyone in some way, shape or form. If you are planning you wedding, corporate event or private party and are looking to have some form of bar hire, please contact a member of our team for some budget busting tips on Mobile Bar Hire.