It is imperative to have the correct bar staff for your event. We can offer you bar managers, professional bar  staff, cocktail mixologists, cocktail flairers and drinks waiters/waitresses. All of these staff members have been within the hospitality and drinks industry for a number of years and have the necessary experience for events. At Mobile Bar Hire we are extremely proud of our team and take great pride in having them on board our company. We are firm believers that Mobile Bar Hire is made up of a passionate, dedicated and very professional team members.

Professional Bar Staff Hire – Our bartenders are great at what they do. With an extensive variety of characters and personalities, they make Mobile Bar Hire what it is today! Whether it is knowing to put a wedge of lime in your bottle of Corona, knowing how to pour he perfect pint or knowing how much mixer goes into a glass with a spirit is just part of the reason why our bar staff are so popular within the industry.

Cocktail Mixologist Staff Hire – Our Cocktail Mixologist Staff are drinks specialists. Mobile Bar Hire’s group of mixologists have an extensive knowledge of cocktails both new and old. They will whip up a storm at any event

Cocktail Flairers at Mobile Bar Hire – As well as being able to mix a good selection of drinks, our cocktail flairers entertain your guests while they see their drinks being prepared. With great hands and quick movement, these members of staff will be the show-stoppers!. We take great pride in our cocktail bar staff.

Waiters & Waitresses at Mobile Bar hire – Our waiting staff at Mobile Bar Hire are those who offer your guests drinks without having to come upto the bar. This is a great additional touch for reception events of any size and in addition for sit down meals. We believe that people should be offered drinks whilst enjoying a conversation or having a meal. Our Mobile Bar Hire waiters/waitresses can make that little difference which counts.

These are just five categories of Mobile Bar Hire Staff which we can offer our clients, if its something in addition to this which you require, please contact Mobile Bar Hire for an answer to your question by a member of our team.