Advice on planning an Event

When planning an event, be it a wedding, birthday party or corporate event etc, their are several things to consider, being a company committed to offering our customers an outstanding service, we are pleased to offer you some tips and advice based upon our experience within the industry such as :-

Location of the event Type of venue for the event Approximate age group of people attending  Number of guests expected  Times of the event Catering for the event Have you catered for people with specific dietary requirements ? What entertainment would you provide ? Would you have a theme for the event ? What style of invitation would you send out ? Would you have rsvp’s ? Should people pay for their drinks ? What drinks should be on offer at the bar ? What style of decorations should you have ? Do you need extra entertainment ?

These are just some of the points which our company comes across on a daily basis, we are regularly asked these questions by customers and we are proud to admit that we are always pleased to assist our customers. If you have a question for us or feel unsure about any aspect of you’re event, simply drop us an email and our team shall be more than pleased to help you, always remember that the answer to you’re question could help many others.