Planning a wedding is a momentous task. From choosing a venue and arranging transport to getting the all-important dress right, there is just so much to do! This is why small tasks like arranging the drinks menu can often get overlooked.

But, remember, drinks play a key role in all weddings. From Welcome Drinks and drinks for toasting to keeping guests hydrated enough to dance the night away, this is a part of the wedding planning you need to get a hold of.

This is where we can help, having been supplying wedding bar hire for many years now. Having a great deal of experience planning wedding bar areas, we know what drinks are a must-have.

So, if you are struggling to put together the all-important drinks menu, read on!


Whatever type of wedding theme you are working with, you will need to serve gin! This is because gin is well and truly on trend.

But, we highly recommend going for craft gins rather than sticking the big brands. This will give your wedding guests a new drinking experience that they will be sure to admire and remember. It is these little touches that turn good wedding bars into great ones!


We suggest stocking vodka at your bar solely for its versatile nature. As well as enabling you to serve classics such as vodka and orange, vodka and coke and vodka, lime and soda, vodka can also be used as the bases for various cocktails. And, for the hardcore drinkers at the wedding, they can even shot it!


Rum is another great spirit that you should consider serving on your big day.

This is because we have a large number of rum connoisseurs in the UK; drinkers that know their stuff! For this reason, ensure you have a selection of white, dark and spiced rum to offer.

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