When hiring a bar for an event or even the house party of the year, you will no doubt want to make the most of the time you have the bar, ensuring the experience you and your guests enjoy is a memorable one.

One way to ensure your mobile bar goes down a storm is by serving one-trend, good-looking drinks. For this, you will need top-quality glassware; glasses that look the part.

Below are 4 different types of glasses every bar should stock.

Pint glass

Whether using your mobile bar at a wedding, birthday bash or a corporate do, it is likely that many of your guests will drink their weight in beer. This is why having sturdy., thick pint glasses is  a must. A strong glass really is the difference between a good and a great pint.


As the night draws to a close, many will naturally move onto the shorts. Having nice crystal tumblers to serve scotch, rum and vodka in is therefore advisable.

Wine glass

Wine is the most-consumed alcohol in the UK. Therefore, preparing for people to order wine at your bar is a safe bet. However, flimsy glasses just will not do, so be sure to spend a tiny bit extra and give your guests an enjoyable glass to cheers with.


The highball is a versatile glass that can house all sorts of drinks. From cocktails and soft drinks to spirits and mixers, highballs are needed for a variety of bar orders.

Bar and glassware hire packages

If you are looking for a bar hire company that can stump up the glasses also, get in touch!