While 2018 was without a doubt the year of gin, it appears our tastes are changing.

According to the Whiskey Exchange, sales in rum have spiked hugely, up a sizeable 165% over the last three months.

This has resulted in rum outshining gin for the first summer in 5 years.

But why?

Well, in the last 12 months, bartenders across the globe have been prioritising rum, mixing up all types of wonderful creations.

We can also thank the emergence of new, independent rum brands entering the market, launching a huge variety of white, dark, gold and spiced rum products.

Dawn Davies MW, head buyer for The Whisky Exchange, said: “We’re very excited to see this dramatic increase as rum is one of the most dynamic spirits categories out there at the moment.

“We’re seeing more consumers searching for what we’d call ‘sipping rums’, meaning gone are the days when rum was reserved for a Mojito.

“Artisan distilleries, independent bottlers and big brands playing with production methods and ageing has increased the desire to sip rum instead of only mix it.”

Rum bar hire

While gin bar hire was one of our most popular products in 2019, as 2020 gets nearer, we are receiving more and more calls for our rum bars. Suited to all types of events and celebrations, these bars can add something fun and exciting to any event in which they sit.

Prices for rum bar hire

Would you like to make an enquiry about rum bar hire? If so, contact one of our rental specialists now. They will talk you through how the process works, the costs involved as well as add-on services we can offer. These range from bartender hire and drinks packages to glassware hire and much more!

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