Event Catering Advice

Event Catering Advice

When planning an event, its always important to try and cater for everyones needs, although we all can fully appreciate that its not easy to do, its always good to make an effort. Based upon our experience within the hospitality industry, we have found the people’s comments after a party varie depending upon whether its a wedding, birthday party or corporate event.

After weddings people generally comment or remember the food and wedding dress.

After a birthday party people comment on the drinks and entertainment.

Corporate events are mainly remembered for the drinks, simply because normally their free.

So bearing in mind these simple points, why not try and make a lasting impression on you’re guest and have everyone commenting on the food, hopefully for the right reasons. As well as the normal traditional menus suitable for most events, always remember to cater for vegetarians. Now days its simple to cater for vegetarians because their choice of food is huge.

With a whole range of different vegetarian dishes available in indian, chinese, tai, greek, italian and many other countries catering has never been easier. With even the basic items such as sandwiches and cheese rolls etc available to vegetarians its essential to include these on you’re menu. Always remember that people do not need to publicise that they are vegetarians, so its always good to have the appropriate food available to them. The beauty about most styles of catering is, that if you wish you can prepare the food yourself. Again this would largely depend on the event, but just think of the money you could save.

If you would like a list of caterers local to you’re venue simply contact our office. If you have any suggestions or can offer some advice of you’re own for our customers, please send us an email .