Chatham Mobile Bar Hire

Chatham’s first name was Cetham and was recorded in 1880 the name coming from the British root ceto and the Old English ham, which means forest settlement. Its of the A2 along the line of the ancient Celtic route, which was paved by the Roamns, and named Watling Street by the Anglo-Saxons.

It remained a small village on the banks of the river until 16th century, due to its location it was used to harbor warships and officially established as a Royal Dockyard by Elizabeth 1 in 1568 and soon became a shipbuilding yard. As a result huge manpower was required both at dockyard and in defensive fort-building and soon the small village grew to accommodate it , as did many towns and villages nearby. Trams and later buses, kinked these places to bring in the workforce.

The importance of Chatham dockyard gradually declined as Briton’s naval resources were reduced or moved to other location and it closed in 1984. The building remains and you can discover more than 400 years of Britain’s maritime history during what is the 25th Anniversary at the Historic Dockyard. Set in an impeccable 80-acre estate with stunning historic architecture, ships and museum galleries the site of one of Kent’s top attractions- offers a genuinely rewarding visitor experience for the whole family. Its been used for film locations such as The Golden Compass and The Mummy to TV dramas like Oliver Twist .

The Dockyard also offers an unusual venue for weddings, with venues such as Fort Amhurst, it’s a great setting if you want to be different. Locally there are many function halls and suitable venues for corporate events and birthday parties.

Chatham also has another much-loved attraction. Dickens World is indoor themed attraction based around the life and times of Charles Dickens. Featuring everything from The Great Expectations Boat Ride and Peggotty’s Boathouse, a 4D high-definition theatre animatronics stage show, to Fagin’s Den, a soft play area for the younger visitors, it’s fun day out with some learning thrown in.

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