Mobile Bar Hire Chelmsford

Chelmsford is located in Essex, to the North East of London, and as such there is a large number of people who will be in the midst of planning an event of some sort – whether that be a private party, corporate event or festival. If you are one of these people planning an event within Chelmsford, the chances are that we at Mobile Bar Hire can help you out by supplying you with our services – which include the provision of bars of numerous designs, bartenders with varying specialities, as well as a multitude of drinks that we can provision you with, all of which can be decided by you depending on the needs of your event.

Of the multitude of bars we have available for hire, one of the most used would be Mobile Bar Hire’s Plain Black Bar, which is extremely practical and versatile, allowing you to fit the bar to your Chelmsford event. The Plain Black Bar – along with many other forms of bar can be adjusted with multiple lengths of these one-metre sections, decals with text or simple images upon it, fridges and more. This allows you to customise the bar to best suit your Chelmsford event, ensuring that you get what you need for what you are paying. As previously mentioned, Mobile Bar Hire can provide you with many bars as alternatives (or additions) to the plain black bar, many of which have similar versatility. Examples of alternative bars that you may consider for your event are the straight LED Bar, the curved LED Bar, the Chesterfield Bar and the Metal-front Cocktail Bar.

Of the many staff we can also provide you with, we have those skilled in various different areas of drink serving. This means that whether you’re looking for cocktail staff to mix and serve your favourite cocktails, or a bartender to pour and serve other forms of beverages such as soft drinks and spirits, et cetera – Mobile Bar Hire has staff who can expertly take care of your needs with professionalism and skill. You can also mix and match these hires for if you’re wanting large numbers of non-cocktail drinks in addition to your cocktails in Chelsmford.

Drinks hire is another area we can help with, and our provision includes any kind of drink you could want, including any mixing ingredients for cocktails, as well as any other kind of drink that you’ll need provided, including soft drinks, beers, wines and spirits. Mobile Bar Hire’s drinks provision is a great way to ensure a whole lot stress on your part, as transporting a fairly large amount of drink through the city does not always work as planned.

If you would like to find out more about Mobile Bar Hire’s role in events based in Chelmsford or anywhere else in Essex, please contact us.