Mobile Bar Hire Colchester

Colchester is bound to be rife with people planning events of all kinds, ranging all the way from corporate events such as product launches all the way to personal events such as weddings, christenings and house warming parties. Whatever event you have in the works, Mobile Bar Hire can improve the experience of all attendees of the event by providing you with access to our variety of services. We can provide you with bars, bar staff and drinks for your Colchester event, ensuring that you have all you need to make your event perfect, no matter what the purpose is.

Mobile Bar Hire has a wide variety of bars available for you to choose from, many of which include optional additions and modifications such as decals featuring logos or wording – as well as fridges, back bars and extra sections of the bar. In addition to the numerous customisations that we have available for you to choose from, we have a few different bars for you to choose from, which may all fit in to different locations or personal taste, meaning that wherever your event is taking place in Colchester and whoever it is for, we will usually have a bar that is just perfect for your needs. Just a few examples of the bars we have on offer are our LED colour-changing bars, our metal front cocktail bars and our Chesterfield bars.

We can also provide you with staff for your event, who are all experienced professionals in their own area of bar tending. We have not only bartenders – who are efficient at pouring and serving the majority of drinks – but cocktail staff too, who are particularly good at mixing classic and favourite cocktails to a high quality, making them the perfect choice for your Colchester event if you’re looking to have cocktails available for your guests. You can even mix and match which speciality of bar staff you wish to serve; meaning that you can have Mobile Bar Hire’s mixologists working with our bartenders to ensure that the drinks are kept going full speed at an event with a large number of people.

Drinks hire is another rather helpful aspect of our business, and it can make certain that you are kept stocked with any drinks you may desire, regardless of whether you need soft drinks, spirits, beers or any other form of drink. Transporting drinks can be difficult if not impossible if you’re not in that business, as you may not be completely prepared to handle the specific requirements – which makes our provision and delivery the perfect option for you.

If you’re looking to find out more about Mobile Bar Hire’s role in your Colchester event, or any event within Essex, please contact us.