Mobile Bar Hire Folkestone

Almost every location within the country has the potential to organise a variety of different functions based around the area’s local attractions, clubs, celebratory reasons and more, and Folkestone is no exception to this rule. With local attractions often being based in the ancient history of Folkestone as well as the local galleries, it’s no wonder there are quite often events of varying kinds taking part in the area, and that’s where our Mobile Bar Hire Folkestone service comes in. With a population of around 45,000; the functions being held in Folkestone certainly aren’t limited to corporate or charity purposes – many functions will be based around private events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other forms of personal event that may be taking place.

So if you’re planning a function of any kind in the Folkestone area, our experience ensures that we can give you a useful service, handling all the bar and drink-based sections of your event with the professionalism and skill expected of a full-time bar company such as ourselves. As you may have gathered from the title of our Mobile Bar Hire Folkestone service, the hire of our mobile bars is one of our priority services, and we have had a lot of experience in providing a multitude of differently designed bars to our clients.

Among the bars we have available for you to choose from are those such as our plain black bar; circular, curved or straight LED barsand our ice bars. These are three very different designs of portable bar, all of which can be put to use in practically any environment. Our large variety of bars – which extends much further than the three previously mentioned – gives you the perfect opportunity to receive a bespoke service in terms of size, theme and bar branding.

Another aspect of our service that continues to leave our clients extremely impressed with our service is the hire of our professional bar staff, who make an excellent addition to our Mobile Bar Hire Folkestone service. Our bartenders enable you to have the drinks at your event sold and served with professionalism to match any full-time pub or club, making certain that you and your guests enjoy yourselves while maintaining a high quality service.

Bar equipment and drinks are arguably the final touch in any service hoping to fulfil your bar needs, and this aspect of our service does just that; giving you a few varieties of your favourite drinks, as well as any necessary additions to your bar in the form of bar equipment. This may include bar runners, mats, tidies, taps, pourers, measures and an almost unending roster of bar equipment in addition to these.

If any of our Mobile Bar Hire Folkestone service interests you, feel free to get in touch and we’d be glad to help you out!