Ice Bar Hire

Here at Mobile Bar Co, we are pleased to offer you an additional feature of Ice Bar and Ice Sculpture Hire. This is a taylor made package exclusivley for you. Our Ice Bars are absolute show stoppers that will add a touch of class to any event with our personalised sculptures and engravings! As well as the spectacular Ice Bar we can add ice and vodka luges to wow your guests even more as they enjoy the fun!

Here are a few pictures of some events which we have done :-

This is an 8 Meter (approx) Ice bar designed for a corporate client for an exhibition. This was a great way for the client to show off their products with a different style of bar counter. This bar would draw in lots of attention to clients, customers and even employees – anybody who visits an exhibition will rememeber any exhibitor that has an ice bar!

This is an example of a premium carved ice bar. This bar can have letters carved into the ice to spell out a name or company. This will wow any guests! This type of bar will be the centre of attention at any event and will make sure your guests do not forget the evening for a very long time!

This is an example of one of our sculptures – a James Bond themed carving. This is a great addition for any event! This is just an example of the types of sculptures that can be formed to your liking. This sculpture is a vodka luge that allows the vodka to flow through the ice from the top to the bottom and can be caught into a glass or into a guests mouth for an extra bit of fun!

This is whats known as an etched ice bar. Letters can be etched into the ice to spell a name or company. These bars are great for weddings, birthdays and all kinds of events. This type of ice bar will stand out in any event and will amaze guests as they walk through the door and carry on giving a show-stopping theme throughout the evening.

Once your ice bar has been booked we will get in contact with our specialist ice sculptures to craft the beautiful piece of bar. Once the carved, the ice bar is picked up and placed in a lorry/van and delivered to any venue throughout the UK. The ice bar is then set up prior to the event, ready to get your event off to a good start as soon as your guests walk through the door!

Our ice bars can come fully stocked with beverages upon request inclding branded wines and spirits, non alcohloic drinks, mixers and beers. To add an extra touch of class to your night why not hire our professional bar staff? This package can include bar tenders, cocktail mixers and cocktail falirers. Our cocktail flairers can put on a show for your guests all night long with their expertise and skills!

Contact our office for more pictures, prices and general information on how Ice could make your event different.