Perfect Draught System

Keg Hire – Perfect Draught System

As parties become more common throughout the UK, more and more people are looking for a simpler solution to going to the supermarket and purchasing endless amounts of bottled beer. There is a solution; to purchase or to hire small beer kegs to use at home or in a business which are very convenient and hold approximately 10 pints each.

Here at Mobile Bar Hire, we believe in only supplying our customers with what we think are the best lagers around. These include Leffe Blonde, Stella Artois and Becks. Leffe beer is owned by InBev Belgium, the European section of Anheuser-Busch InBev. It was founded in 1152 on the Meuse River in the province of Namur in southern Belgium. They have a large range of beers including Leffe Blonde, Leffe Brune, Leffe Triple, Leffe 9, Leffe Ruby, Leffe Nectar, Leffe Royal as well as others. As well as a long heritage, they also have a museum in the town of Dinant.

Becks, brewed in Bremen, is the Germanys best selling beer and is sold in over 90 countries. The largest markets for Beck’s outside Germany are the United Kingdom, the USA, Italy, Australia, Ukraine, Romania and Russia. Becks has over 15 types of beer and allows artists to design their labels for them. They are also a big sponsor of Werder Bremen, a large German football team.

Stella Artois was originally launched in 1926 as a seasonal beer for Christmas in Canada and had so much success that they made it an all year round seller. By 1960,  about 100 million liters of Stella Artois were being produced annually.

As is shown, we only use lager with great pedigree as we want our customers to only have the best. We advise that any additional kegs are kept well refrigerated so they can be served quickly. Along with the beer kegs we here at Mobile Bar Hire are proud to announce our Perfect Draught System. This is a draught system designed to be used in any environment hand in hand with the beer kegs. It has a sleek and stylish design and allows you to bring the pub atmosphere to the home. With an LED display on the front showing how much is left in each keg and how long until the lager will go off to make sure that you are never disappointed – you are always prepared. It also shows you what temperature your drink is so you can tell how crisp and refreshing that first sip will be. This system can be moved around any venue with ease and can give your party that extra touch to make it even more special.

We are very confident that you will be very happy with your kegs as we began to sell them just before Christmas 2012 and were sold out very quickly! With next day delivery we aim to make your experience hassle free and exciting.

For more information, please contact a member of our sales team.