Numbers of people at your event

Numbers of people at your event

When we think of organizing an event we think of numbers. That is the first thing that comes into our head.The reason for this is that the number people you decide on depend on how much money you want to spend. If it’s a wedding you would have set aside savings and worked out a budget.

For every person you have at the wedding you need to think of how much it’s going to cost you. Catering plays a major part to the number of people you have at your event. Then there is also bar to consider are you going to have a free bar or a pay bar. This all depends on how much you want to spend. When considering number of people you all so need to consider the venue and ask yourself few questions. Is the venue big enough for the number of people you are thinking of inviting? If you go to a bigger venue is the cost going to be more?

Another very important factor on numbers is who do invite and who you leave out. By leaving some people out (maybe you haven’t seen them for years but you are cousins) do you want to take the risk of upsetting them. You need to be strong and firm on the decision that you have made. There will be loads of people that you may upset but remember that it’s your money.

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