Age of people attending your event

This all depends on what type of event you are having.

Sweet 16 Birthday Celebrations

Sweet 16 birthday parties seem to be the latest craze that is sweeping England. This is highlighted by atelevision programme ‘My Super Sweet 16’. This programmed shows all the rich kids having very expensive parties. No problems with having a sweet 16 birthday party but there are few things that you will have to take into consideration.

Can you get a venue that will allow 16th birthday parties Or do you need to hire a marquee at the back of your garden. From our experience we would advice for an adult to be present at all times, as most of the kids will be sixteen or under and you don’t want anyone bringing alcohol in and getting drunk. Every venue will highlight this.

18th Birthday Parties

There are still some venue’s that don’t cater for 18th birthday parties. The reason for this is under age drinking. No matter how much you stress that you won’t be served without Id there’s always a friend who will get the drinks for people who are under age.

The venues could loose their licence if anyone under age is caught being served (we have come across quite a few fake Id’s) but there are venue’s who have no problem with 18th birthday parties. They make sure that they have door security the security help by checking people taking drinks in and they make sure that there is no trouble even when people have had a few drinks.

21st Birthday parties

You will still find some venues that don’t cater for 21st birthday parties. This has nothing to do with underage drinking. They just feel that its too much trouble caused by people getting too drunk.

Weddings and other events If you are hiring a mobile bar and it’s a free bar and you are paying per head, it may be worth mentioning the number of kids that will be at the party.You don’t want to pay the full price for kids as they will only be drinking soft drinks.

If you find any of the information above useful please let us know or if you some stories to share with us to do with birthday parties or under age drinking or even binge drinking please don’t hesitate to contact. Email us with your own views on these or other events just so we can pass them onto our customers !