Mobile Bar Hire Watford

Watford is a town and borough in Hertfordshire, England. It is situated 17 miles northwest of central London and inside and circumference on the M25 motorway making it the ideal location for a private or corporate event. Watford is a busy, prosperous town with excellent modern shopping areas, a large amount of industry  and business areas, along with a lot of large residential areas meaning there are plenty of people with a reason to celebrate and the area is not short of great venues! Mobile Bar Hire Watford has been providing a helping hand to event organisers through bespoke portable barsolution packages for events as small as house parties to large festivals.

We have a range of different portable bar counters from you to choose from including LED bars, basic bars, golden bars and more. Mobile Bar Hire Watford also has lots of bar styles and colours depending on what your event is and what budget you have to spend.

It is normal that you will want everything to run smoothly for your event and our Mobile Bar Hire Watford service can help you make your event a special one. Our bar equipment is another area of our service that we use to make sure your event is to the highest standard it could possibly be. The drinks available in Mobile Bar Hire Watford range from draught beers to bespoke cocktails.

We also have a dry hire (which makes organising your event a lot easier) option which means you can hire the bar and the staff but get the drink separately to help keep costs down.

We also have amazing bartenders that have been trained up to the highest standard to make your event perfect for you and your guests. They are all trained and pursue in a particular area of the industry which means you can select the type of bartenders you want and they will fit in perfectly with the type of event you require and will be able to serve/make the drinks you have asked for.

If you are looking to host a corporate event in Watford, Mobile Bar Hire Watford can add fully branded decals onto the front of the counter to ensure your brand or product are communicated to your target audience effectively in a media that will work for them.

 For more information on Mobile Bar Hire Watford, please contact a member of our sales team and we will be happy to help.