Wedding Cocktail Bar Hire

Everyone looks to have the highest quality of service available to them, and this is especially obvious on your wedding day. At these ceremonies the general purpose is to celebrate the official joining of two people – and naturally you will want to celebrate this with style, functionality and class – all standard properties for our bars. Our Wedding Cocktail Bar Hire service aims to provide you with just the service that works best for you, giving you access to our quality cocktails and cocktail bars, along with other aspects of our service. We have a few styles of bar available for you to choose from, helping you to get just the service you need for your wedding – regardless of which size or style you may be aiming for in this event.

Whether you’re looking for a large, simple design of bar designed to give an official appearance in any event or customer favourite bars such as our LED bar variants; we’ve got cocktail bars that are just right for you! Our cocktail bars feature all the functionality of the bar at your local pub with the huge advantage that they can be based in any of your chosen venues, as well as the general ability to be personalised to your own needs. This makes our Wedding Cocktail Bar Hire ideal for serving your favourite cocktails wherever your wedding celebration is based.

While many of our cocktail bars are an impressive sight to see, they are not designed purely to stand there for their looks. Our Wedding Cocktail Bar Hire includes the hire of our professional cocktail staff. Included in our roster of cocktail staff are both cocktail mixologists and flairers. Both of these types of cocktail staff are great for making excellent cocktails in a way that suits you. Our flairers are a great way to have your cocktails mixed and served in a way that gives your event an energetic atmosphere, and our mixologists are a great option if you’re steering towards a range of more complex cocktails.

Whatever you’re looking to go for with our cocktail staff, we have the ones to help you out. Our Wedding Cocktail Bar Hire service also includes the hire of our professional bartenders, who – while not being trained in making cocktails – are a highly effective way to serve your favourite spirits, beers, wines and so on.

Our bars also feature some highly useful bar equipment including bar runners and mats to place your drinks on with the grip to prevent any spills, as well as glassware, sundries and other bar equipment certain to give your bar the finishing touches that it needs.

If our Wedding Cocktail Bar Hire service interests you, please feel free to get in touch and we would be glad to help out!