Wedding Day Check List

We are please to provide you with a check list for the wedding day. We are all aware that on the day things can easily get either left behind or forgotten.

Here is a quick check list prepared for you by our team based upon their experience within the hospitality industry:-

Wedding Car(s) – Have the arrival and departure times been confirmed with the company ?

Flowers – Have all the flowers for the day been checked and delivery times confirmed, this also includes any button holes for the day?

Video / Photographer – Have you briefed them both on the important members of the family? Do you have a rough idea of the number of photos you’d like taken for the day? If you do, then please be sure to remind the photographer.

Access times – This would include the reception venue, how about laying out of tables and the decoration of the premises.

Drinks – Have the reception drinks been chilled and please ensure that the glassware you use has been cleaned well ? If you are having a tab at the bar, who has the money to pay for the tab at the end of the event? If you are providing your own champagne for the toast, has it been chilled and who’s taking it to the reception venue?

Best Man & Brides Maids – Be sure that they are all ‘present and correct’. These two groups of people have been known to have sore heads on the wedding day and often can easily forget their roll on your big day.

Catering – Have you made all necessary last minute arrangements with the caterer? These may need to include some last minute guests who have specific dietary requirements. These are just some quick little reminders for your wedding day.

Hopefully you have found these helpful, if you have any further suggestions of your own, please send them to us via email.

Don’t forget your suggestions could help someone else.