What Is A Mobile Bar

What is a Mobile Bar?

Mobile bars are basically a bar which is portable but still fully functionable. Most of the Mobile Bars available on the market come in 1 or 2 metre sections and they are ideal for a vast range of events in  different venues including private or corporate in door and outdoor events. The Mobile Bar is considered to be a great addition to the hospitality industry, this service is readily available throughout the UK, with a vast range of function halls and event facilities available to hirers this simple concept of having a bar at the event. This is often looked at as a way of reducing stress when it comes to planning and organising an event.

With event theming and decorating on the increase, the events and hospitality industry has been given an enormous boost by the Mobile Bar industry. Mobile Bars are suitable for cocktails bars and draft beer bars, with the ability to have beer pumps and beer coolers attached to the bar, most Mobile Bar Companies have bar counters suitable for small and large events.

What are Mobile Bars made from?
Some bar counters and bar structures are made from metal while others are made from wood. It mainly depends upon the requirments of the client. Some clients require speed rails and ice wells within the Mobile Bar, this means that this style of bar will be made of metal. Other clients may request a large bar counter for a festival, this will then mean a more simple Mobile Bar which needs to be durable under pressure from customers at a large festival, this style of Mobile Bar will often need to house beer kegs, beer coolers and beer taps. Which ever style of Mobile Bar is required, the fronts of these bars can be changed to meet the customers requirments. By this we mean that LED bars are available, Ice Bars, Themed bar counters and event Mobile Bars with branding etc. With the fronts of the Mobile Bars being the most important (as that’s what the customer see’s) the sky is the limit.

How do Mobile Bars operate?
The client has the overall say on how the bar will operate at the event. As an example, some clients require a cash bar (people buying the drinks), others will have a free bar (dinks paid for by the client in advance and simply poured/served on the day by our bar staff). If required some clients will simply hire the Mobile Bars and supply everything themselves – so it realy depends upon the needs of the event and the client. Most Mobile Bar Companies are approachable with drinks and hositality solutions for ANY event, additional information and ideas are available from Mobile Bar Hire as part of our customer care service.

If you feel you need additional information or ideas for your event, please contact a member of the Mobile Bar Hire customer services team who will be very pleased to help with your concerns